2023 Events

Maker's Mornings at The Garden Project

9/30 ~ Saving the Season with Kyra Alex

9/9 ~ Eco-printing and Natural Ink Drawing with Hilary Tobin

6/10 ~ Running Stitch & Raw Edges; Color and design with Kyra Alex

5/27 ~ Found-Wood Trellis Building with Renee Sewall

5/6 ~ Leaf Prints in Eco-Paint with Kyra Alex and Brighid Doherty

Project Monarch

6/17 ∼ Monarch Morning; A Celebration of Pollinators! Games, facepainting, activities & more!

8/27 ∼ Monarch Release + Fairy Tea Party in The Garden. A magical time to be sure! 

“I’m so glad we came. The garden is gorgeous and everything was presented so nicely.”

Check out our Project Monarch ‘Pollinator Restoration Garden’ Flip Book:

Fairy Tea Party in The Garden

8/27 ∼ A Magical Time [12am – 2pm]

Learn & Earn Summer Internship Café & Market - June 20th - August 12th

7/1 ~ First Saturday Market/Cafe; 11am-1pm

7/8 ~ Saturday Market/Cafe; 11am-1pm

7/15 ~ Saturday Market/Cafe; 11am-1pm

7/22 ~ Saturday Market/Cafe; 11am-1pm

7/29 ~ Saturday Market/Cafe; 11am-1pm

8/5 ~ Saturday Market/Cafe; 11am-1pm

8/12 ~ *ENCORE* Saturday Café/Market; Come celebrate our interns’ last day with us! 

In addition to the menu, enjoy henna & facepaint. Garden, orchard, and grape yard tours. Plus this fun schedule:

     10:30am ~ Herb Circle walk with Brighid Doherty

     11am ~ Acoustic jam session with Eryn Klemenz (BYO instrument or play one from the basket)

     11am-12pm ~ Fish Creek Oysters (profits donated to The Garden Project)

You will see no set prices at the cafe/market this year (other than a minimum to cover food costs).

Instead you will be introduced to our implementation of our ‘Intuitive Exchange of Value.’ 

We believe money is a functional exchange of care and energy based on the value of shared experience. We offer you the opportunity to decide the value of each experience with us and all that is involved in its creation. 

The end of our summer season culminates with a camping trip. Torrential rain made this year even more memorable!

After School Program at The Garden Project

5/1 ∼ Grades 5-8; Scarecrows & potato bags

5/8 ∼ Grades 3-6; Dandelion Vinegar & Fairy Houses

5/15 ∼ All Grades; Fun & exploration in the garden

5/16 ∼ Martha Bell’s Nature Club; Pollinator restoration garden planting

5/22 ∼ Grades 5-8; Fun & exploration in the garden

10/2 ~ Apple picking and garden snack (5-8th grade)

10/16 ~ Apple cider pressing and garden snack (5-8th grade)

10/23 ~ Edible pumpkin seed harvest and pumpkin pie pudding (5-8th grade)

10/30 ~ Fun in The Garden & soup! (3-4th grade)

Exploration Learning Center visits The Garden Project

Leaves and Lore ~ and Fun in The Garden!

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