Project Monarch Update!  

Project Monarch is an initiative created in 2022 by The Garden Project, Island Heritage Trust, and Tammy Hagerthy, dedicated to celebrating and creating thriving spaces for Monarch butterflies and all pollinator insects, plus the plants they are in relationship with. 

Local students have collaborated to create Restoration Gardens and all are invited to visit the community-made gardens and wild pollinator meadows; watch the pollinator and plant diversity arrive and thrive!

Extra thanks to our Restoration Garden contributors!

Join Us for our 2024 Project Monarch programming: 

4/24 ~ High School Eco Club in the Pollinator Garden, 11:25-1:30pm.

4/30 ~ DISES Nature Trail Pollinator Garden, 3:30-4:30pm.

5/18 ~ Pollinator Garden Design, 9:30-10:30am. Join Brighid Doherty at Chase Emerson Library, Deer Isle. ***Open to the public!***

5/19 ~ Medicinal and Pollinator Plant Walk, 10-11am. Join Brighid Doherty at Scott’s Landing. ***Open to the public!***

6/15 ~ Monarch Morning, 9-11am. Join The Garden Project & Project Monarch at The Garden for our Celebration of Pollinators! ***Open to the public!***

9/1 ~ Monarch Release, time TBA. Join The Garden Project & Project Monarch at The Garden for the release of the season’s monarchs + many festivities! ***Open to the public!***

Community Restoration Gardens:

Peter Haskell Construction, Route 15, Stonington

Tomboy Construction Cemetery Rd, Stonington

Visit the Pollinators!

Please enjoy the community garden spaces and preserved meadows as you obvserve pollinators!

Protected Pollinator Meadows:

Scott’s Landing Preserve

Lisa Tolman Wotton Preserve

Project Monarch Events

Our Monarch Morning event occurred on June 17th and our Monarch Release occurred on August 27th, 2023.

These events celebrated the beautiful pollinator insects necessary to the health and sustainability of human food production, plant populations, and ecosystems. 

We hope you can join us for 2024 Project Monarch events! 

Check out our Project Monarch ‘Pollinator Restoration Garden’ Flip Book: